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The Organizing Sourcebook

Some people are born organized.  Everyone else has to learn how to manage their space, things, information, time, and relationships. 

I wrote The Organizing Sourcebook to teach the Nine Strategies of Reasonably Organized People.  My book describes the ways other people have solved common organizing dilemmas using these simple principles.  The real-life stories give you glimpses into other people's homes and let you know you're not the only one living with a pile or two. 

If you aren't naturally orderly, The Organizing Sourcebook will show you how to set up a simple, flexible organizing system and keep it going as life changes.  And if you're already so organized your spices are lined up alphabetically, the stories will show you how the other 90% of the population lives!

Why The Organizing Sourcebook?

I wrote The Organizing Sourcebook  because I couldn't find any other book that told the whole story about the real reasons people find themselves living in chaos and disorder.

If you're feeling disorganized, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.  On the contrary!  It means there's something wrong with your organizing system.  The system is the problem, not you!  It just doesn't fit you and your life. 

When piles are growing on all your flat surfaces, it usually means you've been distracted by something more important than "stuff" -- for instance, the people and activities you care about.  The Organizing Sourcebook  shows that the events in your life can have a profound effect on your ability to stay organized. 

Because life is always changing, it's important to have a simple, flexible organizing system that allows you to manage.  You need to get everything done without wasting precious time and energy.  And you need time to relax, too.

That's where the Nine Strategies of Reasonably Organized People come in.  They are basic organizing principles every reader -- naturally organized or not -- can understand.  The Organizing Sourcebook describes these principles using common, funny, real-life examples. 

The whole point is NOT to get you to be perfectly organized.  This is an impossible goal!  Instead, The Organizing Sourcebook  shows you how to be organized enough to keep your life going, but still have time and space to enjoy yourself.  After all, what good is life if you don't have time to delight in it? 

If you follow the Nine Strategies described in The Organizing Sourcebook, you'll be able to get -- and stay -- reasonably organized! 

You can find The Organizing Sourcebook  at booksellers locally, nationally, and on-line (including a Kindle version at amazon.com)..


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