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The overarching professional society for the organizing industry is the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  Each year, at its annual conference, NAPO's board, president, and founders present awards to members or affiliated organizations for their outstanding contributions to the industry and the association.

The NAPO President's Award

Kathy Downs received the NAPO President's Award
in 2005 for her work as a member of the Chapter
Relations Committee and her contributions to
NAPO chapters.   

  • "The President's Award is presented to a member for outstanding contributions to NAPO. It is traditionally presented to highlight a significant contribution that has benefited NAPO and the general membership.
Examples of contributions have included: Facilitating the framework for members to communicate through email; creating a sound accounting system for NAPO national; years of service editing the NAPO newsletter; creation of the "How to" chapter" manual for the creation of new chapters; creating an intercontinental organizing component; initiating and directing the Quantum Leap program; and executing and leading the search to engage a new management company.

The national President selects the recipient of this award at his/her discretion and it is presented at the national conference."
                                         NAPO award description


The NAPO Founders' Award

Kathy Downs was nominated for this, NAPO's most prestigious award, in 2005 and 2003.  


  • "The Founders' Award is presented to one NAPO member or a professional business partnership for outstanding contributions to the organizing profession.  It is given in the spirit of the Founders of NAPO to a member or business partnership that has helped to move the organizing profession forward.  We admire and respect the recipient's professionalism and achievements and are proud to say they are part of our profession."
                                              NAPO award description


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