2003 Founders' Award Nomination

Kathy (Waddill) Downs
The Untangled Web, Orinda, California

Kathy (Waddill) Downs is currently serving a second term as President of the NAPO San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NAPO-SFBA). Kathy was instrumental in promoting a new website for the chapter, illustrating how it would save the chapter money over time and ease communication; accurately depicting it as an investment and an ongoing resource.

Her easy style has fostered cooperation and teamwork throughout the chapter. The number of hours she devotes to the chapter has no doubt impacted her business and her ability to market her own book, The Organizing Sourcebook:  Nine Strategies for Simplifying Your Life.

To promote harmony in the chapter, an "Operating Agreement" was published at Kathy's instigation. It is placed on each table at meetings and is available on the NAPO-SFBA website. Thanks to these efforts, we have overcome the tense times and taken great leaps forward as a professional organization.

Kathy oversaw the development of several task forces and as a result, NAPO-SFBA re-structured our dues for more flexible payment options, changed the structure of the Board, evaluated our newsletter in light of newly-available technology and incorporated the Leadership Team Building Day's brainstorming results, with input of the membership at large.

She single-handedly designed a comprehensive database to meet the needs of members and the public, while continually tracking the progress and quality of the contractors.

Kathy was also one of the founders of the New England Chapter and will now be serving as Parliamentarian for the NAPO-SFBA Chapter.  

Kathy's philosophy is that NAPO should operate in an inclusive, rather than exclusive manner. Although Kathy has been interviewed in the media, both for her book and for her organizing services, she always takes the opportunity to promote NAPO. Her attitude is that we all benefit whenever NAPO is given public recognition and that's the most important aspect of a publicity opportunity.

Submitted by NAPO members, 2003