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If you're looking for a dynamic speaker to entertain and inform your group, you've come to the right place!  I love talking to groups of all types and sizes about how to get and stay organized. What more can a natural-born teacher desire than the opportunity to bring a whole room-full of people to an "Aha!" moment?  Unless it's the chance to send them out into the world brimming over with great ideas!

Every one of my presentations uses humor and real-life stories to illuminate the basic principles of organizing.  And since the same principles apply everywhere -- homes, offices, small businesses, families, corporations, schools, classrooms, places of worship, you name it -- it's easy to tailor a presentation to your group's unique specifications.

Your audience will come away from one of my speeches with:

  • A smile on the face of everyone in the group

  • A pile of practical tips to keep life working smoothly

  • A true-to-life definition of what "organized" really means

  • A new perspective on the reasons piles grow up and won't go away

  • A clear understanding that there's no one "right way" to be organized

Request a speaker for your audience, or keep reading for more details about my speaking experience.

A sample of Kathy speaking in public

Here are some of the topics I'm happy to tailor for your group: 

  • The Nine Strategies of Reasonably Organized People

  • How to Organize Your Office

  • How to Manage Your Time

  • Relative Order: How to Keep Your Family Organized

  • How to Organize Your Preschool Children

  • How to Organize Your School-Age Children

  • How to Stay Organized As Your Life Changes

  • Home-Based Businesses: How to Make It Happen

  • Getting Paid to Help Others Get Organized

  • Untangle the Web: Getting Organized to Fight Cancer

If you're interested in any of these talks, please get in touch with me.  And if the subject you'd like to cover isn't on this list, please contact me anyway!  I'm delighted to apply my experience and knowledge to any organizing topic that interests you.   


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