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The Art of Organizing

No one ever calls me for an appointment when things are working smoothly.  Instead, I get asked in when a mess or pile has gotten out of control.  Often the mess in question sounds, over the phone, exactly like other piles I've encountered. 

Yet I've learned, after more than a decade in business, that no two organizing challenges are exactly the same.  Just as every client is different and unique, so is every pile.  What works in one situation doesn't necessarily work in another. 

The art of organizing is to know which strategies will solve any given organizing challenge.  It takes skill and experience to discern the real problem behind a mess, explain it to those affected, and then clean it up.  This is why people hire professional organizers -- because we can make their lives work better by making the messes go away.

If you're a professional organizer and want to develop your high-level organizing skills, I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with you.  Since 1994, I've created a nationally-recognized model for doing holistic client needs assessments.  Using the Eyes of a Stranger Method, I can teach you to see what's really going on in any environment, identify the underlying problems, then solve them using basic organizing principles.  I've also developed a whole packet of materials you can use to bring valuable information to your clients.

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