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Lab Workshop

Kathy Downs Presents
A Training and Certification Workshop:

 How To Conduct

Eyes of a Stranger

Needs Assessments

v    Discover  what’s going on in your client’s environment

 v    Unravel  the strands of your client’s tangled web

  v    Explain  the underlying issues clearly to your client

    v    Translate  what you see into a custom organizing plan

The Needs Assessment you conduct at your first meeting with a new client sets the tone for your entire working relationship.  That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to provide your best service and advice in that initial consultation.  When you dedicate 2-3 hours to understanding your client’s real organizing challenges, you both win.  Your client knows what s/he wants and sees clearly how to get the desired results.  And you get to offer your best, most focused advice without being distracted by the hands–on work of organizing.  Not only that, you’ll be able to charge more because the assessment lets you demonstrate the incredible value your expertise brings! 

Now you can learn to do more effective initial consultations at Kathy Downs’s training and certification of her tried–and–true method for conducting Needs Assessments.  Kathy is known nationwide for her unique Eyes of a Stranger Method™She’s taught its basic principles to large audiences at six of the last ten NAPO National Conferences.  Because of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, NAPO now lists Needs Assessments as part of the core curriculum for professional organizers.   

Don’t miss this chance to increase your income, deepen the level of service you provide to your clients, and learn the trade secrets of a master organizer!  

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    Here’s what you’ll do over the course of a full day:  

v     Learn all the details of the Eyes of a Stranger Method™

v     Understand the complex factors at work in every client’s environment so you can offer excellent customized advice

v     Practice with your colleagues using role–play and a staged assessment

v     Conduct a live Eyes of a Stranger Needs Assessment with a real client in her home

v     Shadow a veteran professional organizer as she demonstrates this high-level type of service in action

v     Ask any question and have it answered fully and completely, no holds barred, as Kathy Downs shares her Trade Secrets with you and your colleagues

v     Create a written plan for the client and know what to write on it

v     Leave the workshop all ready to offer an Eyes of a Stranger Needs Assessment to the next client who calls

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    Here’s what you'll bring home on the day of the training:

v     All the strategies, forms, and scripts you need to implement the 
Eyes of a Stranger Method

v     A comprehensive list of sample questions to ask your client so you get to the heart of the matter

v     A copy of Kathy’s Trade Secrets, gleaned from her 12+ years as a professional organizer

v     A video copy of a real-life assessment, including a breakdown of the client's unique issues and the creation of the custom organizing plan

v     Your own Eyes of a Stranger keepsake

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   Once you leave the training, you also get:

v     An additional hour of follow–up phone consultation with Kathy Downs to help you implement the Eyes of a Stranger Method (a $125 value)

v     A certificate showing you've successfully completed the Eyes of a Stranger  training

v     The opportunity to be an Eyes of a Stranger Licensed Consultant with a full client handout package tailor-made for your business

   Here are the logistics for this fabulous training opportunity:


Currently, no Eyes of a Stranger Needs Assessment workshops are scheduled because Kathy Downs is taking a sabbatical from organizing work in order to write her second book, Falling Through

If you'd like to hear about the next lab workshop when it is scheduled, just let me know.

v    TIME?      From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

v    WHO?  The course is designed for organizers who’ve been in business for at least six months and want to deepen and expand their services to their clients.  Participation is limited to just 6 people so you’ll have all the time you need for discussion or questions.

v    HOW MUCH?  The cost is $799 for the training, materials, trade secrets, follow–up consultation, and certificate.  Breakfast and lunch are included.

Payment plans are available by special arrangement.  If you need to cancel your registration up to two weeks before the workshop date, your payment will be returned to you less a $200 nonrefundable deposit.

PLEASE NOTE:  It only takes three Eyes of a Stranger Needs Assessments to recoup the entire cost of your investment in this workshop!  And by completing the training, you're eligible to be licensed as an Eyes of a Stranger Consultant, an additional marketing tool to jump-start your assessment expertise and help you attract and keep great clients.

To register, complete both of the following steps:

  1. Reserve your place in the class via e-mail OR simply call Kathy at 415.814.2896 to let her know you're coming.  Please include your name, address, and contact information in the message.

  2. To complete and confirm your reservation, send your check for $799 made payable to "Kathy Downs" to:      The Untangled Web, 71 Miguel Street, San Francisco, CA  94131
    or pay here with your credit card.

You'll receive confirmation of your registration as soon as it's complete.  Space is limited, so don't delay!

Your teacher
for this course is Kathy Downs, owner of
The Untangled Web in San Francisco, California.  Kathy has been doing Eyes of a Stranger Needs Assessments since she first started her business in Boston in 1993.  She has taught the outline of this course to professional organizers since 1997, first at the NAPO–SFBA Regional Conference, then six times at NAPO’s National Conference.  In 2006, she taught a shorter, classroom-style version of this workshop at the NAPO National Conference as PO-201 in NAPO's education program.  Kathy's ideas are also featured in the assessment portion of NAPO's "Starting an Organizing Business" class (PO-101).

Kathy is the founder of New England Professional Organizers, 2001-2003 President of NAPO’s largest chapter in San Francisco, and author of The Organizing Sourcebook:  Nine Strategies for Simplifying Your Life.  She has twice been nominated for NAPO's Founders' Award, given only to individuals who have had a profound positive impact on the organizing industry.  In 2005, she was awarded NAPO's President's Award for her service to NAPO chapters.

Kathy’s ideas have been featured in numerous national publications, on radio around the country, and on local and national TV. 

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