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About training I've offered to professional organizers:   

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again--the Eyes of a Stranger training I did with you after I'd been in business just under a year was the smartest business decision I've made. I'm so grateful for the training.  J.A.

  • I have to say that if ever there was a one day workshop that was multifaceted, full of value, comfortable, relaxed while dense, and made every effort to feed you well and keep you fresh, this was it! Thank you Kathy for a great day overall.  L.B.

  • I'm really glad that I took the class and felt that the small class size was really helpful.  It is great to take a thorough class from a/the leading expert on assessments in the PO field.  N.M.
  • I find Kathy's presentations to be spiritual first, practical a close second, logical, sensible, a nice mix of personal/professional.  An excellent choice for a speaker.  I also very much appreciate the preparation and handouts.  H.L.
  • You presented the telecourse so smoothly and simply, uncluttered is the word.  You also made some excellent points I don't think I'll ever forget.  Brilliant!  P.H.
  • Over the years I have attended many workshops, but I don't recall attending one so well organized (!) or informative.  E.B.
  • You are so good at this stuff.  Your ideas are sound and your speaking style is so relaxed and focused and articulate and wise.  R.C.
  • WONDERFUL!  Couldn't have been better!  The most valuable thing I got from the conference.  THANKS!  Anonymous reviewer
  • Didn't know nuttin' 'bout organizing kids -- do now!  Anonymous reviewer


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