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Welcome to The Untangled Web Online!

My name is Kathy Downs, formerly known as Kathy Waddill.  I own and operate an organizing consulting firm called The Untangled Web™ in Roslindale, Massachusetts.  My passion is to help people get and stay organized enough to manage the complexities of life in the 21st century. 

I specialize in home, family, and home-office organization because I know how important it is to have a comfortable, functional, welcoming home base.

Every household, no matter how many people live in it, is a complex environment.  Your home contains multiple activities, spaces, things, information, and (often) people.  It's a real challenge to keep everything working smoothly, especially as life changes.  After all, a busy life can get messy!

That's why my services focus, not on making your life perfectly organized, but on getting your home and home office organized enough for you and your family.  If your home doesn't work as well as you'd like, I'd love to help you make it function more smoothly and effectively.

My organizing services are strictly confidential and judgment-free. 


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