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Personal Consultations  

If you know your home, family, office, or life isn't as organized as you'd like it to be, but you're not sure which tasks need doing or where you should start, I offer a personal consultation called an Eyes of a Stranger™ Needs Assessment.  Together, in 2-3 hours, you and I will:

  • Tour your space

  • Talk about what's working and what's not working

  • Discuss what bothers you and why

  • See what equipment and supplies you have, and what else you need

  • Figure out what you want for the future

Then, on the spot, I'll create a written plan for your overall organizing project.  The written plan includes:

  • A list of the specific projects that need doing, in priority order

  • A description of the tasks that go with each project

  • A shopping list for the additional supplies and equipment you might need

  • Specific recommendations to improve your home, family, and/or office

  • Tip sheets on how to apply basic organizing principles to your individual situation

At the end of the Needs Assessment, you'll know exactly where you're going and how you're going to get there.  Then, you'll be able to do your project yourself, have a friend, family member, or employee help you, or hire my team to come back and do the hands-on work.  I guarantee the Eyes of a Stranger™ Needs Assessment will give you new insights into the way your organizing system works, or you won't have to pay me.

Request an Eyes of a Stranger™ Needs Assessment for your home, family, and/or office.

Hands-On Organizing  

If you already know exactly what you want to organize, and you want someone to help you do the work, my team is happy to oblige.  When we assist you with your project, it'll get done faster and better -- and it'll be much more fun than trying to do it by yourself.

No matter what the job -- large or small, complex or straightforward, short-term or over time -- we're happy to put our expertise and our muscles to work for you.  In our career as professional organizers, we've brought order and harmony to:




Space Planning Children's Rooms Office Layout & Design
Closets Toys Computer Systems
Kitchens Homework & Papers Paper Management
Garages Scheduling Scheduling & Prioritizing
Storage Areas Laundry Business Planning
Mail Processing Time Management File Systems
Energy Flow Chores Policies & Procedures

And if the project you have in mind isn't on this list, it doesn't matter -- we'll tackle any organizing job cheerfully because we love making your life work better!

Request hands-on organizing here.

Confidentiality Without Judgment    

All the information you share with me during a Needs Assessment or in a hands-on organizing session is held in strictest confidence.  I fully respect your privacy.  So does my team.  Everyone who works with me at The Untangled Web has pledged to follow the Code of Ethics established by the National Association of Professional Organizers.

I know what a challenge it is to stay organized, especially when life takes unexpected twists and turns.  Please rest assured that you will never be criticized or judged harshly by me or anyone on my team.  You have my word.

If you'd like to hear what my clients think about my organizing services, please visit the Testimonials page.


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