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About my home organizing services:

  • By clearing away clutter and mess from our home, you have made daily life significantly more pleasant, more relaxed and more convenient.  The return is well worth the investment.   C.D.
  • This was definitely the best investment I've made in a long time.   N.L..
  • When my wife made an appointment with you, I admit I was not exactly looking forward to the visit.  But when you arrived, your tact put me at ease and your competence quickly became apparent.  Thank you for the very necessary and helpful service you provide.   J.S.
  • Thank you for the excellent help you gave me in organizing my files and cleaning out my basement.  I really appreciate the practical hints, the work you did, and maybe most of all, the company and moral support in doing the kind of work I never seem to get to on my own.   J.L.
  • Your suggestions and positive approach eased my reluctance to admit I needed help.  E.T.
  • The rest of us are frequently bogged down in abject misery because we have too much stuff and not enough discipline or storage systems to solve the problem.  You have a very valuable ability to look at the situation objectively and generate creative solutions with practical value.  J.W.


About my work with small and home-based businesses:

  • Your assistance has saved us time and money!  A.C.
  • Thanks to you, I'm more productive.  S.K.
  • Thank you for your help in setting up my office.  Now that I've experienced the value your expertise provides, I can't imagine having an office that you haven't laid out.  S.B.
  • Your suggestions on visual changes to our office to give the illusion of its being less unwieldy were excellent.  You brought up the psychology of competition when space is in short supply, and the importance of how the space is "marketed."  These were all little things that added up to our getting a lot for the money in hiring you.  Excellent job!  H.L.
  • You helped me think about my life in ways that go far beyond how to arrange the papers on my desk.  Your responses to my situation were flexible, not the rote application of a bunch of standard techniques or an attempt to impose a preconceived, one-size-fits-all solution.  Thank you!  N.R.


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